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Fuck me! [18 Jul 2011|10:30am]

[ mood | horny ]

I'm 40, horny as hell, and a voracious slut. I should probably mention, as 'slut' usually makes most think a certain thing, that I'm male.

Read the Ethical Slut sometime. Men can be sluts too.

Long story short, I haven't had sex in close to 3 years. Being a sex addict of sorts, I need a fix. That's about all the detail I'm going into now because I've regrettably learned that when searching online there's usually very few ideal women that live anywhere close by.

So, to get the ball rolling, are any of you within the San Francisco Bay Area?

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boy_w_chemicals' whereabouts? [18 Mar 2011|10:46pm]

Does anyone know what ever happened to boy_w_chemicals?
It's been several years but for some reason I had a dream about him and his big beautiful cock last evening.
His old LJ was so lovely to look at.
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So, I have this friend... [28 Oct 2010|01:18pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

...who has mentioned to me a couple times I don't go down on her enough.

8:42 PM 10/26/10 · While I'm sure there's a bit of overlap in situations like these, more for some than me I'd like to think, I don't have sex with every woman the exact same way. Yeah, there's some stuff I'm better at than others...but I like to divvy it up a bit so I don't get mundane and boring.

Personally, given my tendency to go overboard in pleasuring who I'm with I think I'd be on the really fun side of boring if things ever went that way.

Still it's a bit more complicated than that. I adapt to who I'm with and often don't have the same kind of sex with them. For example I used to be going hot and heavy with a virgin...

...by which, I should mention, most of the virgins I've known have been exceedingly slutty...

...and our sex was primarily oral. Never quite a 69, honestly haven't ever done that, but either she'd go first or I would but regardless who started we sitched it around back and forth a lot.

There's another friend of mine, who I primarily only saw when I went to B.A.G.G.Bondage·A·GoGo on a regular basis, and we'd get together just off the side of the playspace. Locked together, kissing deeply, hands down each other's pants, stroking and fingering each other to a very happy place.

Sure, I don't orgasm easily and she never got me off but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it a really good time. Orgasm is all well and good but that doesn't make all the stuff that leads up to it any less pleasurable.

Odd oral quirk with her, she wouldn't let me go down on her as she had women for that. This particular friend was gay but I was what you might call her one little exception to the rule. She made a few exceptions my way the longer we knew each other, but that's a story for another time.

However, to get back to the friend I started this post with, adapting to her has been very fun but not without its quirks. The oral sex critique being a biggie. For the most part whenever we've gotten all naked and bouncy with each other it's been all about getting me into her and slamming away. This is not entirely a plan of my own making, she tends to steer me directly that way from the moment all the clothes are gone. Truth to tell, she's gone down on me twice in the 4ish so years we've knwon each other. First time was simply her sitting on the bed and pulling me to her when I was walking by, just pulling the head in so she could chew on it for all of about 5 seconds.

By chew I don't mean hard. We're talking more of a firm but gentle nibble.

It was about 3 years after this she sucked me very thoroughly in a bathroom at a friend's house and worked on me for more than a few minutes.

Now I've been down on her 3 times. One of the first times was when we were trying to have sex in front of one of my best friends, he suggested it (probably joking) and we figured why not so he got an unexpected treat. However he has a temperpedic mattress and, unlike everybody else on the planet, I find them extremely uncomfortable.

Sort of.

They're comfortable insofar as you sink in and they kind of mold themselves around you. However, even under non·sexual conditions, I tend to move around a lot in bed and it's nearly impossible for me to do so on one of those which makes me both comfortable and very uncomfortable at the same time...

...and, as I learned that particular time, unable to maintain an erection.

Go figure.

Not to drag this on eternally: I've been down on her on three different occasions, spaced out over a great gaps of time, and she's tasty but more often than not she wants to get to some truly primal fucking. As we've had a lotta sex but not so much oral it's easily for me to account for the times that it's happened and while I'm one to keep score...I'm ahead on points.

No pun intended.

My favorite thing to do of all sexual activities is kissing and she and I have really, as far as my standards judge, done this once. There's been kisses aplenty of a brief nature, a simple full on closed mouth or brief passing against one each other, but she's not one to kiss during sex which I find odd but a little thing with what else is going on.

The best kiss we've ever had was when we were fully dressed, outside at a bus stop on a really chilly night, when we had close to an hour to kill, and it kept us very warm. We were sucking face like it was the only thing keeping us alive!

Straight on frenzied fucking is what we do most often, which I am in no way complaining about. I've experienced this with a few others over the years, a sort of 'being around each other is more than enough foreplay' sorta unspoken deal, and it's nice! The most recent one prior to the current it was I who often discussed the possibilities of doing more than just banging our brains out and she was all for it...

...but somehow we never quite got there.

With the current when we do it, as I've said before, is incredible. While I'm not one to encourage that sorta thing, she's even better when she's drunk. It's the difference between being absolutely fucking incredible and a religious experience. There are not words to compare it other than maybe normally we have a go and we stop until she's ready to go again, whereas when she's intoxicated her sex drive is more on a part with mine and we go and go and go and go and go and...seeing a pattern here?

Basically it lasts until she passes out, which I suspect is more from the alcohol in her system than the sex (I'm good but I hold no illusions) even though we go at it for hours upon hours when she's lit up...

...but as I've said, she's complained (not angry so much as specifically, that I don't go down on her enough).

Even were I more inclined I'm not sure I'd get the opportunity short of trying to hold her down. I say trying as she's probably stronger than I am (under no illusions here) and, as stated before, when aroused she mostly wants me as deep inside of her as I can get and slamming fast and hard.

This is just me sharing here.

Admittedly, to be fair, a lot of the time we go at it I do go for immediate (or close to) penetration. This is both due to her being phenomenal at it and the numerous first times when we started having sex that was what she went for first. Not that I enjoy it any less but I've adapted myself to her needs.

We as a people, all of us, have habits that often go contrary to what we say we want.

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Hey everyone.. [28 Jun 2010|10:20pm]

New to the community.
Name's Kate, I'm 21.. I'm quirky.. anyways:

Im not sure if this should be behind a cut or not so im just doing it to be safeCollapse )
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Ceremony [13 Apr 2010|10:45pm]

Just the sex...Collapse )
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Sostenuto [08 Apr 2010|10:24pm]

Just the sex...Collapse )
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Saga [30 Mar 2010|09:31pm]

Just the sex... (Extremely long!)Collapse )
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Gates [06 Mar 2010|02:18pm]

Just the sex...Collapse )
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Flicker [02 Mar 2010|09:04pm]

<lj-cut text="Just the sex...">I joined him in the bedroom, and he pushed me against the wall and we started to kiss properly. Until I leant back and said &quot;You've put on a bit, haven't you? I like...&quot;

Which I did. And I do. As I found once he'd got all his clothes off, which didn't take more than a few more seconds, he's got chunkier. More solid. More imposing. Oh, but I do love a man with a belly! There's something about it that makes me just look at all that solid, strong flesh, and... oh, I just want to pull it on top of me. And feel all small and squished. And then sit back and look at it, and stroke it, and kiss it, and rub my face in it, and... you get the idea.

Hah. I'm remembering a pic that <lj user="not2shy"/>&nbsp; put up, oh, ages and ages ago, well over 2 years, a pic sort of three-quarters view of his torso, a pic that crops up in my mind every so often, just because... well, it looked just the way I like my men. Absolutely perfectly yummy. (Waves at said man with perfect torso.)

At one point later in the evening, I was kneeling between his thighs as he lay on my bed, looking down at him, and I thought- &quot;Man, he's just massive now. The chest is wider, the shoulders look broader, there's this imposing well-fed-male stomach, his ass is big and round and firm, his thighs look more muscled, and O gods, I just want to...&quot; and then followed it up by doing exactly what I wanted, namely lie down on top of him and rub myself all over him, purring.

Sorry. I'm getting a little bit carried away thinking about it again.&nbsp;

We stripped each other, and stood there kissing some more until I pushed him around and towards the bed. He lay down on his back, and lay grinning at me. I climbed over him, straddled, lowered myself down, and started to work myself onto him. Look Ma, no hands!

I got down on him, slowly, taking my time, feeling him stick at points and lifting up a bit before moving down further, and then started a slow swirl on top of him- when, to my surprise, he told me to &quot;Bring your mouth&quot;- I got off, and put my mouth on his cock, but he rolled me onto my back, straddled me, and, for the first time, started to fuck my mouth. Also for the first time, he pulled out just as he came, and spurted my wide-open mouth, before pushing back into it and letting me swallow the rest.

I liked that. It was a change...

He then smiled down at me, moved over between my legs, and lowered himself down on me, sliding back up me as I spread wide.

Interesting. Now, I don't know whether it's his weight gain or my weight gain, as it's more likely to be both, but I had to spread my legs wider than before, angling them up around his hips, for him to get into me properly. And I'm also not quite sure what was going on, but instead of the usual kissing during the fucking, I had my face buried against his chest, as he suddenly seemed so much bigger than me!

I strongly suspect it was this whole, unexpected physical overwhelming that did it, but as he fucked me, I started to feel little swirls of baby-orgasm working their way up my stomach, rippling up. I wondered whether I could get a hand between us to play with my clit, but decided that there was no way that he was going to lift up enough to let me do that. Resigning myself to not coming, I went on thinking about how much of him there seemed to be, about how small I felt... and, to my surprise, feeling him move inside me like a spoon scraping the sides of a bowl, then feeling him thrust hard up into me, I came hard, a big, fat, juicy orgasm splitting like a peach in me, slurping into my flesh, my mouth pressed hard against his shoulder trying not to bite him, my hands running up and down his back and grabbing at his ass, whilst also trying not to claw into him...


Yeah. That was a surprise. Reminds me of the way I used to come with 45, oddly. In fact, it felt almost identical.

I assume that he came again at about the same time, but I was slightly distracted. He stayed in me for a while, but then moved and it slid out. He lay down next to me, and we chatted for a while, catching up on stuff, before starting up again, me on top this time, riding him hard. When he came, he laughed, saying that he must have just lost a pound!

Other bits of the evening- me on top again, taking my time, slowing down whenever he gets too close, until he finally grabs me and pulls my hips down tight against his, shoving up into me...

After a few more rounds, us in the kitchen, having gone for a drink. Me sitting at his feet, as it was the most comfortable place. He kicked my arms out from under me a couple of times, making me almost fall over- and finally did it again, and fell on me, fucking me on the kitchen floor, folding me up under him, my spine against the hard floor... He doesn't come, and rolls onto his back, taking me with him, making me work again. I keep on having to change position on him, crouching over him, my knees against my shoulders, bouncing; my feet up near his shoulders and almost doing the crab; my hands holding his shoulders and grinding along his body; him sitting up and the two of us straining against each other, my legs behind me, my legs behind him, my knees under his armpits, bracing us, our arms wrapped around each other's shoulders, both leaning back, staring at each other and I know that my face is changing, I'm snarling at him, biting my lips, showing my teeth, growling...

We wrap around each other. I've never known him take so long to come, but after earlier, he seems to have got the idea that I'm not averse to a long fuck.

He is a lot gentler tonight, though. At one point, in the kitchen, when we're talking, he says that he's never going to let me go, he's going to take me home to the bled. I laugh, and ask if my daughter is coming too. Although we wrestle a few times, mainly because I won't let him bite my stomach (and you can see how that ended up!), and he does slap me very gently a few more times when I tease him, I'm hardly marked at all. My hips are sore, as he's clung onto them hard, but other than a few faint red dots, there's nothing to see. I'm saddened by that, I wanted hurt more than that... Although it was funny to note that he'd try and pinch me the way he used to, and although he could, there's not enough of me left for him to twist that flesh any more!

Back in the bed... He is, finally, not that I'm complaining, it's just a side note, paying attention to my body. I'm on top, and he starts to squeeze my tits. Earlier, he'd squeezed and said there was no milk coming out any more. I&nbsp;told him that the other day, it took me a while, but I'd managed to get a few drops out. Even though I&nbsp;quit breastfeeding the Spawn about 10 months ago! Now he starts to suck on one of my nipples, gently. So gently that I'm not even sure if he is or just has his mouth there... but in my head, he's suckling on me, sucking milk out of me, and it gets me almost far enough along to come again...

At one point we're talking, and he complains about how &quot;volatile&quot; I am. I say that it's just the way I am... and mention that I've been wondering recently about where it was that I took the step that led me down this path. Where did I make the decision, or do whatever it was, that meant that I can do this sort of thing, and not have my heart involved in the slightest? He thinks that it was because I've been raped- I don't think so, I think I was going that way a long time before. He hates that I'm unfaithful, though, which is amusing, considering that he certainly takes advantage of it. He said that I was going to need to grow up- I have a child, I have other responsibilities, I shouldn't be doing this now.

Talk about preaching to the fucking Pope. I tried to explain to him that this was all I have left, that every other bit of my life has gone over to others, that I spend all my time looking after other people now, for gossake, this is all I have left for me! but he just didn't get it. Or didn't want to get it.

So I turned it into a joke, asking him if he would have preferred if I were the falling-in-love type, because then I'd be calling him and texting him all the time, wanting attention, wanting to know what he's doing... instead of letting him get on with his life, without making ripples. He laughed, and said I'm not the type for that.

Damn right.

He's worried about me moving on though, and he does have a point. We were talking at another moment about how he doesn't understand how one can fuck somebody just for the fucking, without there being any sort of &quot;spark&quot;- I mentioned the traditional female &quot;sympathy fuck&quot;, and he said he just couldn't do it.

I will mention, however, that one of his &quot;ex&quot; flings sent him a message during the evening.. and that the secretary at his dentist's has been contacting him to see if he wants to go for a drink (I know because I asked how that was going)... But he maintains that he isn't fucking anybody but me. Like I care who he fucks.

He plays with my pussy, fingering the outside, until I shove on his hand and the finger goes up me. A moment later, he has two more fingers working around the outside, and I have to do the same thing again until he gets them up me. I want more fingers, I want him to stretch me open, and I'm writhing and grinding on his hand, but he doesn't get the message. He pulls out, gets on top of me, does me again, my legs spread wide, my hands around my ankles, pulling my hips up off the bed so he can get deeper into me.

We went on fucking, but we were both getting tired. He said I looked stoned, and he wasn't far off. I could have put my head down on his shoulder and fallen asleep at any time after 10 p.m.... And he didn't leave until about quarter past 11. But somehow we just couldn't seem to stop doing it. I kept on looking at him, and grabbing at his stomach and chest again, stroking him and licking him and rubbing myself against him, then going down and blowing him hard again, at which point he'd pull me on top of him again and I'd ride, watching him (I'm actually a bit sore this morning) until he'd finally get there, clinging onto my hips and shoving up against me...&nbsp;

Until it's finally time for him to go. I ask him to lie on top of me one more time before going, and he does, smothering me, pressing me down into the mattress. Every bit of me is covered, my face buried under his chest, I have to turn my face to the side just to breathe. I love it.

After which he goes and showers, and gets dressed, laughing at me for cringing when he turns the bathroom light on (my eyes! damn you!), and slapping at me again. He starts to get on my nerves, and next time he does it, I scrape my nails along his arm. He's surprised- and shocked. Normally I'm very careful not to leave a mark on him, knowing that his little daughter sees everything, not wanting to make waves. But he's fucked me off, and I'm not amused. &quot;You've scratched me!&quot; he says. &quot;Yes, I say. I did it on purpose, this time.&quot;

He can deal with it- I think he realises he went too far. I don't mind being thrown around, I don't mind being fucked without particular attention as to what I want, but I object strenuously to being laughed at. Especially with a really fucking bright light in my eyes.

He dressed, kissed me, hugged me, and left. </lj-cut>
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[07 Dec 2009|09:57pm]

My boyfriend and I are thinking about having a one-time threesome or foursome.
It's been his fantasy for awhile to have a threesome but I wouldn't mind having a male in the picture.

We would find someone back home, but all of them will talk, or aren't into that kind of stuff.
How do I go about looking for a proper couple?
And will our ages really make a difference?
I'm 19, and he's 18.
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any swingers on here? [06 Dec 2009|12:30am]

SwingFest 2010 has been announced for July 22-25th in Orlando Florida.

* Enjoy Orlando for a memorable time you are sure to not forget anytime soon.
* Tradeshow & Adult Expo with swinger and adult industry related businesses.
* Three large pools with nudity allowed on both Friday and Saturday.
* Themed swingers play rooms for sexually adventurous times.
* Swingerfest Parties including a Sexy Lingerie Party.
* Large selection of seductive and sexy seminars.
* A variety of many attractions in the Orlando area.
* Thousands of like-minded couples to enjoy the event with.

A new affiliate program, where you can earn money referring people to sign up for SwingFest 2010

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Hi! [12 Nov 2009|02:00pm]

[ mood | awake ]

7:31 AM 11/11/09 · The reason you see the date there inside the post is cuz I don't have an internet connection at home and I like folks to know when I actually wrote something, whenever it is I get around to posting it.

I do this in all my journals.

This is my sex journal. Unlike most I've got my main one clearly mentioned on the profile, somewhere or other, cuz frankly I'm not embarrassed about this one and I don't see the need to hide I have a sex journal from people. However, most of this journal is friends only, with the exception of 8 posts for public display that I rarely change every few years.

I've had an active sex journal since 2004. Sadly, the sex life hasn't been so active the last couple years but I still post about sex and occasionally wax nostalgic about the numerous women I've boinked over the years.

Oh yeah, as the icon and 'boinked' may indicate, I'm fairly goofy. Hell a quick read of my profile displays a level of silliness that might surprise some for a sex journal. Also fairly evident in most of my posts.

I'm a black male, though most can't see it as I'm a bit of a mutt, local to the SF Bay Area. I'll be 39 November 24th. In decent shape and devestatingly cute. Not really expecting to make a hookup with anyone, everytime I meet someone promising online they live very FAR away, but I'm not generally opposed. This is a rough, off form, attempt at an add me post.

Oh, also I'm straight...for whatever that's worth. Non·mongamous too, which isn't the same as polyamorous no matter who tells you different.

Generally I post to this journal once a week, sometimes more.

Comment if you want to add me, either here or on my 'friends only' banner. If I don't add you back immediately give me a couple days.

Journals not written in English I generally won't add back as I can't read them. If you're profile is vague to blank and you've got no visible entries I probably won't add you back either, I like to get a sense of who I'm friending.

I don't post naked pics of myself and while I'm really cute...you don't need to see that unless you're wrapped around me. Rarely post much of any pics to this account either, though on occasion I will for those I am having ze sex with if they're cool with it.

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Any horny Toronto girls? [06 Nov 2009|06:10pm]
Sexy 36yr old male, clean, slim and nicely hung. Recently single and looking for no strings fun.
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Lookin for fun [30 Jul 2009|12:21am]

[ mood | horny ]

Somewhat shy 25/m/Sutherlin, OR

Am looking for somebody to have some fun with. Am into just about anything, EXCEPT for that chain, whip shit. Can take SOME pain, but not excessive. If you are interested, let me know.

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Looking for fun! [21 May 2009|09:35pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

I am 33/f/Michigan

Anyone up to talking and if you live close by, maybe meeting up...

Add me at my journal and I would be happy to meet up!

pics of meCollapse )

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in general... [15 Dec 2008|01:22am]

[ mood | curious ]

oh the weather outside was frightfulDo you prefer to make ze love, fuck, or just nakedly merge?

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poorly timed sprinkler system [12 Dec 2008|02:36pm]

[ mood | horny ]

oh the weather outside was frightfulFor those of you that have had sex in public places, what was the most embarrassing interruption you've ever experienced?

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Just wanted to try this ^^ [24 Aug 2008|08:32pm]
Any ladies in Stockholm Sweden?
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Looking for [24 Aug 2008|10:33am]

ladies in Portland, OR.

any takers?
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this post has a condom on it... [05 Aug 2008|01:14pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

...or, better to say, responses will be screened.

10:19 AM 8/2/08 · Heard on the burst of stuff I get with my morning news, alarm clock radio, that there's about 56,000 more cases of people infected with the HIV virus (since 2006) in the United States than was previously believed. This seemed as much a shock to the newscaster, who's repeated the announcement every 10 to 20 minutes, as it did to me. Even more of a shock, apparently, to the people that normally track these statistics who were blown away by this revelation.

So, I'm xposting this fairly heavily to get the widest range of responses to the following questions:

Do you use safe sex?
What is your preferred method of safe sex?
Do you always use safe sex or stop at some point with some people?
Do you also use safe sex for more than just intercourse?
Do you practice safe oral sex?

Individual mods of the communities I send this to, I hope this is okay.

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